DaiDai Friends

Learn with Joy and Friends!


DaiDai Friends love energy fruits. Energy fruits make them smarter!

Dumb monsters heard this, and decide to invade DaiDai’s world for the fruits. Elio, Mani, Caramel have to unite all the other DaiDai Friends, fight against enemies, and protect their home.


《呆呆童書 - 性別教育篇》讓孩子瞭解並認識性別特質與身體自主權,從生活中落實性別平等,保護自己也尊重他人。






《呆呆童書-我的家》以小狗阿光的家為故事主軸,為 0~5 歲的孩子用心打造的原創故事。

Shot Wordbie

The amazing game for a Free Ride to new words and make you SPELL words right.

DaiDai Card

Learn English is as easy as play a game, pass TOFLE, TOEIC, IELTS like a charm.

School Rumble

Fun and Addictive. Real-time battle with friends and schoolmates, full of laughter.

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